Transformation Seminars

Tony’s seminars are filled with people who love Tony and it isn’t hard to understand why as he has dedicated most of his life to helping people to transform their lives for the better. In this he has a very refined framework for helping people make breakthroughs and it was great to see it in action. I found some amazing and useful framing and techniques for example raising the energy to allow a breakthrough to happen more easily. Tony does this by getting people to move in celebration and voice their joy.

The secret of mornings

Basically when we wake up our brain is like a blank slate. What we put into it is what we run with for the rest of the day.

The 3 components of transformation

I now have three key components to self transformation and becoming who I want to become. To learning the ability to change how my mind works to letting me live the kind of life I always dreamed of.

Democracy 2.0

But the power of computers gives us another even more powerful option that allows maximum (but not perfect) alignment with our values while allowing a minimal effort in terms of being actively involved. This idea is a combination of liquid democracy and personas.