Debug Reality will redeem our reality. We will recreate the way we live to be more enriching and more purposeful. Our world and our technology have given us all the resources we need to live a fulfilled life but the scarcity mindset of the past and the fear and need to control everything are blinding us to finding a way to that reality.

The worlds focus on profit is not healthy. Economics should be a tool we use not a tool that controls us. We need to start putting people first and not only this generation but also the well-being of future generations.

Fearful power hungry elites have always sought to control the masses we need to break free of that control and reclaim our power.

One of the best areas to enact this change is in business. By demonstrating a new way of working that is effective and helping it become the new normal.

Debug Reality will be both a role model for how a well-being business can work and a business focused on creating software to spread well-being to the world.



We are all human and deserving of human rights and dignity in our lives. We are all an equally valuable part of the world and the sooner we start supporting each other in that view the sooner we can stop fighting each other and move on to doing truly amazing things together. Equality is a corner stone of Debug Reality both in what we do and how we do it. Equality includes our rights to be ourselves individuals with our own thoughts and beliefs and those difference contribute to the whole.


Unlocking our potential takes time and wisdom. In many ways our mind and our past hold us back from becoming who we are capable of becoming. Unlocking that wisdom for our team and for the world is a key component to our vision.


To pursue the vision we seek to pursue we need to be creative. We are all capable of far more than we think we are and that capability starts with creativity and innovation. There are no bad ideas and no bad questions.


Pursuing wisdom and innovation often require stepping outside the normal. The normal isn’t really normal it has been fabricated for us by for profit companies and for power governments that seek to keep us controllable and easy to manipulate. We will be the torch bearers leading the way out of the darkness and that takes courage.

Our people

People who work here are people who:

  • Don’t get caught up in drama.
  • Are real and present.
  • Live by their word and truth.
  • Communicate with courage and sincerity.
  • Display confident humility – confident enough to speak about weaknesses.

Part of our on-boarding will involve extensive training in helping each employee become a more whole alive and complete person free from being controlled by fear and worry.

People that work here are equals and all have a say in how the business works for them.

What we do

We seek to maximize well-being with money being one of many factors. Check out B Corps and the Well Being Economy for more details.

We create web technologies to help in the activation of humanities potential and wisdom.

Our work will revolve around designing, testing and selling software platforms to help spread a better mindset to the world. Our solutions are based on positive psychology and free thinking.

We are currently brainstorming and testing ideas.

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